Expert from the leading Norwegian Finance Media newspaper:

In five years, we are a global company with customers on all continents and a turnover of several hundred millions. The ambition is to be the leading environment in Europe to create safe user experiences that simplify our everyday life, said Brage Strand, the daily leader in Mobai.

– We have built our first products that are used by key players in the Nordic banking industry. Now we start scaling up our commercial business, says Strand. Within a year and a half, multiple Nordic banks will use technology from Mobai, either directly or through partners.

In addition to previous soft-funding of significant size; Mobai raised additional funds during the last year, with another 1 MEUR in convertible instruments.

Among the investors were leading ICT personalities in the Nordics, with the former Evry-CEO Per Hove and Martin Hellum as one of the co-founder’s  of the cyber security success Mnemonic

– There are several bigger players who work with cyber security. How should you be successful as a new company?

– For us, it is a team sport. Very often our new technology is used to prevent fraud or improve usability. Thus, we can enhance and be built into existing solutions, says Strand.

– Furthermore, it is very macro favorable being a company from the EU with a focus on privacy first with the current threat landscape in the world. We are specialized in biometrics, cyber security and have our stronghold in Europe, says Strand.

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